Jesus said:

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest”  (Mark 6: 31)

Quiet gardens are places of peacefulness and beauty, set aside for  reflection and peaceful contemplation.


St Lawrence’s, with the Sacristan’s Garden, is part of the ‘Quiet Gardens’ movement and are used by several organisations from around the Diocese for study and for seminars.   


Details of events and courses will be displayed from time to time within St Lawrence’s


Further information or to book a place please contact Rev Nick Garrard or Helen Garrard   Tel 01603  270769


A special part of St Lawrence’s is the Sacristan’s Garden which has been created within the site of the former nave and tower of St Lawrence’s church.  It contains many medieval and biblical herbs and plants


Quiet Time activities include: Reading, walking, painting, praying, sketching, embroidery, sitting, resting, looking, listening, bird-watching, writing, meditation, poetry, gardening.


List of Plants in the quiet garden


The Quiet Garden Prayer


O Lord Jesus,

true gardener,

work in us what you want of us

for without you we can do nothing.

For you are indeed the true gardener,

at once the maker and tiller

and keeper of your garden,

you who plant with the word,

water with the spirit

and give your increase

with your power.


Prayer of the 12th century Cistercian Guerric of Igny


For further information on Quiet Gardens visit their website


The Sacristans’s Quiet Garden